An extremely small bowl that is finished in one shot. It is important to remember to verbally announce the term, "SNIIIIIPES", before you begin to hit your bowl.
"Mikey, you want to rip bowls? Sniiiiipes!!"
"That's not even a real bowl, that's a snipe"
"I fully just sniped that bowl"
"Succcch Snipes"
by TreyOneTrey February 08, 2010
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Friend 1: "Hey, have you talked to Daniel lately?"
Friend 2: "Nah, but I heard Tim sniped his girl!"
by LifeWithKnowledge June 07, 2011
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used as an exclamation to describe when someone commits a good scheist, Answers a tough question correctly in a timely manner, or when someone places a praticulary skillfull, deepcuting, well placed/though-out diss or insult upon someone else.

Often when being used to describe an insult it is exclamed after the insult in a pastense manner (sniped)
When Ken Jennings got a quite difficult question right one of the other contestants yelled "snipe!"
by Sconzo July 18, 2006
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To call someone's name unsuspectingly so that they are forced to turn around while you act inconspicuous and they have no idea who it was.
Did you see my sniping of Mr. Johnson, he had no idea it was me.
by TK November 12, 2004
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to steal, shoplift, swipe, take without permission, etc.
"Yeah man, I sniped this visine and pack of gum from walmart 2 days ago, they didnt catch me."
by colin.odell April 06, 2006
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To steal an object from someone and they don't notice, just like when snipers do when they shoot people, they kill them without them noticing obviously lol.
I just sniped that computer from that store.
by Pavelski8 September 14, 2006
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To take something quickly,most likely not trying to let people know your taking something; to take,steal,sometimes borrow,to have
1. Yo i just sniped this snapback from matts car
2.i was dating him,but some hoe bag sniped him from me.
3.can i snipe your lighter
4.haha!just sniped a picture without asking you & you look like shit in it.
5.oh nice shirt.snipe!
6. Can i snipe a french fry off your plate fool?
by Haymorgan311 July 12, 2015
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