A contemptuous, disgusted, and/or mocking facial expression, remark, or tone. Often depicted with a distorted raising of one's nostril and lip and a slight scowl or frown (or even smile).
He acknowledged the arrival of lesser beings with a condescending sneer.
by Osobrujo July 2, 2013
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A term used to describe annoyance in action taking place
teacher: put your phone away!
student: sneer you douchemonkey!


Ex Girlfriend : I think we only broke up because you were so insensitive

You: SNEER! <_<
by Pwnzorz doodz! December 24, 2008
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(v) to sneer at -

When your junk (not mine) get so cold that the balls all but vanish and your shaft retracts so far inside that pretty much all that's left poking out of your body is the head of your dick.

This causes all your foreskin (assuming you haven't been mutilated - and don't argue; that is what it is) to bunch up and jut down at a right angle to your dick.

This unfortunate mess of nature, combined with your cockburns as the hair, creates a pretty accurate rendition of Cyril/Cedric Sneer from the cartoon 'The Racoons'. Thus your junk is 'sneering' at you/passersby.

Effectively shrinkage but with ample foreskin. Can also be caused by playing sport or sometimes just whenever the fuck it likes.
Guy 1 - "Hey man, you're not gonna go home without a shower first are you? That's fucking nasty.."
Guy 2 - "Fuck you, if you wanna see nasty you should see the sneer my cock is giving me and the fuck am I gonna let that get camera phoned. Asshole"

Guy 1 - "Fuck my ass with a spade! It's so cold we could do a fucking puppet show of the Racoons. You're Cedric. I'm Cyril."
Guy 2 - "We can't be friends anymore."
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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a term originating from Navan used to describe walking around doing nothing or hanging around Supermacs
Are you coming down to the shopping centre?
For da sneer!
by Colm November 30, 2004
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Having foreskin: the penis resembles the nose of one Syril Sneer from the famous Canadian cartoon show, 'The Racoons'.
Yo, that guy has a mad sneer. (conversation overheard in the pool changing room)
by Abrownfield January 22, 2006
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Someone who looks down upon pretty much anyone from any nation that did not take part in the colonial imperialism of the 1700-1800s. This essentially includes every large European nation, along with the United States. However this can include whatever nation is among the most prestigious, domestically peaceful, and powerful with a significant deal of international militaristic influence.
Grandpa: "Billy, have you heard tell of those savages in the middle east? Bloody awful lot, they are. If only they had submit to our colonial rule for a short while longer, we could have shown them the rule of law and perhaps some manners. They probably wouldn't be beheading good Briti..."

Billy's Friend: "What's he going on about now?"

Billy: "Don't mind grandpa, he's a bit of a sneering imperialist."
by ComradWinston January 16, 2015
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Someone who is so sarcastic they forget the original point they were trying to make. A Minister of Sneers will spout such acidic verbiage that they often burn themselves in the process. A person who holds this position enjoys the process of cutting people (or things) down to a level above normal sarcasm. Often confused with an Office Monkey.
Our cubicle Minister of Sneers made so much fun of my new car I was embarrassed and returned it to the dealership.

The Minister of Sneers made fun of the Republican candidate, but then fell silent when the Democratic nominee took the same position.
by Lawrence Triptathane January 31, 2008
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