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(v) to sneer at -

When your junk (not mine) get so cold that the balls all but vanish and your shaft retracts so far inside that pretty much all that's left poking out of your body is the head of your dick.

This causes all your foreskin (assuming you haven't been mutilated - and don't argue; that is what it is) to bunch up and jut down at a right angle to your dick.

This unfortunate mess of nature, combined with your cockburns as the hair, creates a pretty accurate rendition of Cyril/Cedric Sneer from the cartoon 'The Racoons'. Thus your junk is 'sneering' at you/passersby.

Effectively shrinkage but with ample foreskin. Can also be caused by playing sport or sometimes just whenever the fuck it likes.
Guy 1 - "Hey man, you're not gonna go home without a shower first are you? That's fucking nasty.."
Guy 2 - "Fuck you, if you wanna see nasty you should see the sneer my cock is giving me and the fuck am I gonna let that get camera phoned. Asshole"

Guy 1 - "Fuck my ass with a spade! It's so cold we could do a fucking puppet show of the Racoons. You're Cedric. I'm Cyril."
Guy 2 - "We can't be friends anymore."
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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(adj.) horrifible; a linguistic coalescent metathesis.

Something so horrifically horrible that this is the only descriptor your gibbering mouth can muster.
"But.. what.... that was .. horrifible...

- After your first 'OneGuyOneJar-ing'

- A failed attempt at completing ED's 'Offended' page

- Tomatoes in my fucking sandwhich.
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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(n.) Vaginal efflux

Females have been known to smear vagoop upon the faces of their partners to denote 'ownership'. This is possibly hot.

Potentially hazardous material.
Katie - "Sara, you shouldn't date Steven"
Sara - "Eh? Why not? He's really nice and pays me so much attention. Is this because you still like him"
Katie - "It's more that I found out he'd been collecting my vagoop in old yoghurt pots"

Guy 1 - "Man, I was going down on Stacey last night and in the excitement she queefed and spackled me with her vagoop."
Guy 2 - "Nice."
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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