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someone that is so low, that they deserve this lowest form of the douche- family

:someone that scuttles around on the floor looking for used and disposed douchebags to shove in their noses:
"That lying cheating snake took your money, your kids, and you mom! He's a no good douchemonkey."
by FUBAR___BUNDY September 26, 2007
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A rare form of inbred monkey that live primarily in used condoms, gutters, garbage disposals, and windmills. i.e. a monkey so gay, that its only form of employment is cleaning the cunts and nutsacks of transgender freaks. A fucked up monkey.
Raphael: Yo, what u got under ur bed?
Demetri: Shit, piss, whiskey, and a Douche Monkey...
Raphael: Sweet, can I buy your Douche Monkey?
Demetri: Hell no, then no one would clean my balls!
Raphael: Ur a fucked up dude..
by cdogg23 October 23, 2007
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No real meaning, just any insult of your choice.

A monkey who douches.
Hunter is such a fucking douche monkey, all he does is pretend to be black.

After the douche monkey did her job, her boyfriend, Jerry, was happy to eat her out.
by John Shmigma February 23, 2005
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1. Alan Tate
2. A monkey that douches
3. A nasty person
Mr. Douche Monkey is such a fag.
My douche monkey keeps away the STDs.
That douche monkey raped a cat.
by Rap Master G December 30, 2004
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One who deceitfully puts out information regaurding games (i.e. assassin) or events that can give someone false hopes.
by Rib Meister April 01, 2004
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Someone that is completely useless and without any value what-so-ever.
John does nothing to care for his mother and just sponges off of her. He is a real douche monkey.
by Melek February 04, 2015
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