The act of being a snitch; being a pussy and ratting out someone
Tony be such a snitch, he be snatching
by MOCK THE BLEEDING DEAD February 28, 2008
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Lying, storytelling. Mostly used in Virginia.
Some nigga: Yeaaa i get way more pussy than you my nigga.
Some other nigga: Manneeee this nigga snatching.
by Fmoig@_k.amour December 30, 2021
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The act of concealing items in your vagina to avoid detection.
Carla has really strong kegal muscles. That bitch can snatch a kilo of cocaine.

Carla pushed the limits of her snatching when she held the brick for the entire duration of her intake strip search.

keestering keester bunny
by buckeyeinthesoonerstate January 23, 2016
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When you snatch ( YANK ) someone’s weave

Snatching a weave or something
by Natecalaksvjslzjaa February 12, 2018
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To conceal drugs or other items in your vagina to avoid detection.

keistering keister bunny
That bitch was snatching an entire kilo of blow during her strip search. She's going the be the next prison keister bunny.
by buckeyeinthesoonerstate January 26, 2016
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When one or more members of a fledgling band create myspace and/or purevolume profiles to save the URL/s for future use. A commonly used tactic employed by unsigned bands which have recently, or are about to form.
"Are we jammin' this weekend man?"

"Yeah for sure dude. Oh, by the way I've been snatching some really sweet URL's lately."
by SunkenHead September 2, 2008
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