The perfect response for any sort of shit talking directed towards you. Opposite from the traditional dictionary definition which confirms something. When said back to the person, it means that, the statement is completely false, you don't agree, or you flat out don't give a shit about the statement. Can be used as a response in any situation, as long as it's sarcastic.
"Hey johnny i heard you like to touch little boys"
"Yeah for sure, bro"
by Gonzilla March 7, 2013
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Leave me alone I'm watching TV and I'm not actually listening.

'Yeah, sure' is basically an out of office automatic response.
wife -"Can we visit my parents this Friday and then drop into my cousins for 2 or 3 hours on Sunday afternoon"

Husband - "Yeah, sure"
by Shellfishandpig June 8, 2018
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Midwest slang that means “100% definitely, why wouldn’t I?” In contrast to the Midwestyeah no” which just means no.
Hey bud wanna go get some beers and play cornhole later?”
“Yeah no, for sure!”
by Midwestyeahno November 13, 2020
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A polite way of say “I don’t give a rat’s ass about this”.
Friend1: Hey, lets go to a movie or a play tonight.
Friend2: yeah sure.
by DeeplyLovesCoffee September 26, 2013
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What you say when you are talking to someone who you don't care about.
Hey, you want a Lambo?
"yeah, sure is when you hate the guy ur talking too"
by LickMiHand February 27, 2020
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When you're getting clowned by an entire server
Me: This mans looks like a wheel of gorgonzola cheese
Them: Yeah Sure Buddy
by PlatonicNate October 15, 2019
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a phrase you say when you are not interested at all in what a person is saying to you but you want to make it seem like you're listening
Person 1: "dude isn't (some random bullshit) crazy?!"
Person 2: "oh yeah man for sure"
by Owkfnrow October 23, 2019
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