Snappa is a drinking game involving a table, four pint glasses, a die, and four players. The game of Snappa goes beyond your typical 'Beirut' or 'Beer Pong' game by including both offensive and defensive elements that call for accurate throws and quick one-handed catches.

Playing offense in Snappa requires you to throw underhand, seated in your chair, at either of your opponents' glasses. Defense has you seated in your chair, until the die has left your opponents hand and is in the air. You can then catch the die after it bounces off the table or deflects off the glass. This means that you and your partner must communicate and continue to perform well as the drinks keep flowing. Teammates must work together to throw 'in-turn' on offense and not allow the die to hit the floor on defense.

Games go to seven, with a point awarded to the throwing team for any dropped die, or for any cups. Cupping a team will result in the cupped team having to finish their drink, then spit the die onto the Snappa table. If the die lands with a five showing, the cupped team must then re-fill their drinks and kill those drinks as well.

Generally, the successful Snappa player will be multi-talented, possessing four key skills:

(First) Catching
(Second) Throwing
(Third) Drinking
(Fourth) Talking Trash
Tom passed out at 9pm last night after playing Snappa.

You have to have Snappa hands to play with the big boys!

That Tyson guy can play, but he lacks the fourth skill.
by Snappa Head June 3, 2009
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DC slang for a small butt. It means the butt snaps when it shakes. Not much meat on the butt cheeks.
Person A: I got them clappas!!
Person B: No you don't those are snappas!

Person 1: I wish I had clappas. I don't get much love with these snappas.
Person 2: Eat cornbread. They say that makes your butt big.
by 14th Street DC May 13, 2010
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A drinking game that involves a dice, 4 cups and two teams of 2 players. You throw the di underhand having the di bounce on the table and try to get it in the cup. If it does not get in the cup the opposing team must catch the di with one hand or you must drink. Play up 7. 1 point for a drop 3 points for a cup
We played snappa at Grants house. Now I am drunk and all my Yatzee dice are lost.
by Duggan Hayes September 11, 2006
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Snappas is a common reference to money often used by gangsters / bad boys.

Snappas = Pounds / Euros / Dollars

Snoopas = Cents / P
"hey, you got 20 snappas to go half with me on a 40 bag of bud?"
by Ilunga March 20, 2017
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a female's lower area or just females in general. its a common word used around the north shore in mass from what i know started in lynn
1. the snappa was wicked tight or the snappa was kickin smelled awful, she had a filthy snappa
2. hey were going on a snappa hunt at pressbox (local bar)
3. whats with all the dudes wheres all the snappa at!
by johnny party guy September 17, 2006
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The game of Snappa has evolved and revolutionized from the first definition entered as recent as the Fall of 2008, at the University of Dayton, in Dayton, Ohio.

In both the Northwest and Midwest, the game is now played in the similar format of 2-on-2, four cups both set at the end of each given team's side of the table.

Teams are seated in chairs on their respective sides, but are allowed to slide their cups behind the back line, prior to the opposing team's first shot of the turn, for defensive strategy.

The use of a ping-pong ball has also been implemented, rather than a die. Once the ball hits a second time it is fair game to make a defensive grab. If the ball goes in the cup it is a point, much like the original version and the contents of the cup are consumed.

The game begins by the team who won last yelling, "Snappa's ready?" thus preparing their mental state for the game, followed by shouting, "Challenger's ready?" inquiring if the opposing, new team on the table is ready.

The game's revolution was also inspired by the view or angle of a chick when she is bent over and you can see her vagina, which is also called the Snappa.
Hey Jim, see who has next on the Snappa table. If no one has it, we have next.
by TheManInTheBlackPajamas August 2, 2009
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A little munchkin dog that bites your well panted legs.
Yo fo shizzel homes this dog is one wild cretin, he aint nothing but a poor mans snappa .
by gnomes-g October 27, 2005
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