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Founded in the late 1800's by Marianists (those are Catholics btw), it has become one of the better catholic colleges in the state. Home of the Dayton Flyers, the ghetto, constant drinking parties, and hot ass college babes. Think a catholic high school, except its a college.
1. Dude, wanna go to the ghetto for some pussy and beer?

Where are you going for college?
University of Dayton.
by B.Whitt September 30, 2004
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The best fucking school in the nation. Ground floor of Marycrest is the best. Everyone who doesn't to Dayton is jealous of the people that do. The Ghetoo and the Darkside are amazing and weekends start on Thursday. We pregame harder than you party! It's the 7th happiest campus in the nation, be jealous! UD is the best!
University of Dayton
by UDlover September 03, 2008
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A medium-sized, private Catholic university located in Dayton, Ohio. The school proudly boosts loud, drunk alumni that love to root for the University of Dayton's Division I basketball team. These loud, old alumni like to remember back when their basketball team won the NIT in the 1960's and pretend like that means something. They also enjoy complaining about and firing their head coach.

Xavier University's basketball team frequently uses Dayton as its whipping boy in basketball, as Dayton's basketball team has not beat Xavier's basketball team in Cincinnati since 1981.
"The University of Dayton actually has a campus? I just thought it was a semi-pro basketball team." - Casual Dayton resident

"That f***ing coach Archie Miller sucks! We should fire that pissant just like we fired Gregory, Donoher, and all the rest of those bastards!" - UD Alumni upon hearing Dayton has made the NIT -- again!

"So, Dayton lost to Xavier in Cincinnati again? I thought the term rivalry implied that one team can beat the other team once every five presidents or so." -- Average Xavier fan

"Where the f*** is the University of Dayton?" - Average college basketball fan in the United States
by Rick Nixon March 12, 2012
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1) A white trash school in Dayton, Ohio.
2) The only division 1 school within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati to not make a post-season tournament in 2007.
3) A small Dayton school with a sewer as a stadium
4) An inferior version of Wright State
5) A school content with losing
6) A school who's mascot is a blind Frenchman
7) A bastion of mental and physical deficiency.
8) A small junior college in Dayton, Ohio.
9) A school that will be better, next year.
If you want to work at McDonald's all your life, go to the University of Dayton.

The University of Dayton, when your best still isn't good enough.

The University of Dayton, where next year is always better.
by Setzer Cole May 16, 2007
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