A site that was originally made to sext people, thus deleting after a set time, and letting you know if they screenshotted your "snap". Is now used by white girls to set photos of their uggs as their story, and to send selfies with anything possible.
"Wow, that hoes snapchat story is a frappucino. Such a basic bitch"
by spodermen.fuks.betchs October 29, 2014
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The place where people add other random people based on how hot there Bitmoji is or some people ask for it if they are interested in you
Boy: hey can I have your snapchat

Me: You heard that chair he wants your snap
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by Vfa930 October 18, 2019
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A social media platform where you can send and receive pictures and video's that you can watch for 10 seconds or shorter (with fun filters if you want) from friends or celebrities.

If someone adds you, you can call or text them on the app as well as sending them private 10 second or shorter pictures or video's and they see them once or twice.
If you add someone and they are not private you can even see their story that's public so everyone can see the whenever they want to untill you delete it.
Becky: Have you seen Selena Gomez's Snapchat story?
Felicia: Yeah she share a short previeuw of her new single with everyone!
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by RealKnowledge May 18, 2016
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an app designed to communicate with friends through picture
SnapChat is da real MVP
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by $Unkown$ October 27, 2016
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A site where you practically trade nudes. When your parents think it's a friendly "chatting app" they are sorely mistaken.
Some freaky dude: "hey you got Snapchat?"

Karen: "Yeah *gives sc*

Some freaky dude: "nudes?"

Karen: "sure *sends nudes*"

*Karen is a dumbass* :)
by a_human_idiot May 16, 2019
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The place where you a "story" by posting selfies of yourself with filters because you have no fucking life or talent.
I love to use Snapchat for those filters!
by Wolf the Decepticon March 21, 2017
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