A pointless photo-sharing app designed for lonely thots to fit in with the current trends and look cool. In 1% of use cases, people usually send nice pictures or videos to each other with a caption like "This looks amazing" to show their friends something cool. In 99% of use cases Snapchat is used as a way to send a picture of whatever their phone's camera is looking at with a caption titled "steaks". Now all the millenial and gen z thots can have a precious "streak" with each other, the longer the streak, the cooler you are (for some reason).
"I am so popular because I add random paedophiles on Snapchat and have a streak with them. Look at how I fit in."
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by P0T4T0_AIM November 04, 2018
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Snapchat is a Social media app that is beginning the slow decline to being forgotten.

It is most commonly used by teens and young adults.

Snapchat is a thoroughly overrated social media app that bills itself as being unique, when it simply takes an already existing idea, and runs with it.

It is also harped upon by Buzzfeed, so if that isn't a red flag, I don't know what is.

Snapchat's main feature is a photo and video sharing system that allows users to share media that disappears after ten seconds or less. Users can also live stream and add 10 second clips to a function called their "Story", which they can update all day. These can be viewed as many times as possible for 24 hours before being permanently deleted.

The app also includes "lenses", or filters that make the user look incredibly childish and stupid. One of the most commonly used is the Dog Filter also known as the Hoe Filter.

The app also makes use of advertisements to an obscene degree, which allows corporations to come even closer to people, and pin them with marketing that appears very benevolent, but is just as retarded as any other ad.

Snapchat's parent company, Snap, Inc is a poorly run company that has also released Snapchat Spectacles, a wholly useless wearable camera that is somewhere between Google Glass and a Forever 21 product. Tends to be worn by typical Snapchat basics.

So basically, fuck Snapchat.
Typical loser- "I've got 10 snap streaks going!"

Me- "So you think that's actually something to be proud of?"

Loser- "Um... yes?"

Me- "Fucking yuppie scum, you'll never amount to anything if you keep on using Snapchat. "
by Supreme_Sucks March 06, 2017
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an app used those who regard texting as too mainstream to comunicate. allow an image of their top man clothing to accompany the text they wish to send. the people who use snapchat are the reason that western civilisation must fall.
'yeah snapchat boi?'
'can't bled, I'm cruising for some new bracelets'
by gravymaster April 09, 2013
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Snapchat is an amazing way of communication to make new friends you will never meet.
Rachel: Look at this picture of my boyfriend. Cloe: Have you met him in real life? No I only Snapchat him.
by gummyberries June 20, 2019
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An app that used to be the bomb and now in 2018 is used for nudes and streaks and even streaks are less common now a days. It's mainly for nudes because they disappear.
Person 1: I'll snap chat you tonight

Person 2: I hope I get some pictures from you.
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by blu haired freak September 10, 2018
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An app that likes to make stupid updates that no one likes! But an overall good video and picture sharing app and good for using filters!
“Snapchat me!”
“What’s your Snapchat username?”
by SnapchatUser February 17, 2018
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Some broken, piece of garbage, that you are afraid of using because you don't want a picture of your dick accidentally being snapped to your best friend and fuck you over for life

Also broken as shit
Did you know that snapchat is the gayest thing in existence
by Vosminog May 06, 2018
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