A place where you tell people what’s going on in your life , but no one actually gives a fuck
did you see me pointless snapchat story ?
by Idek wtf to put July 08, 2018
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A waste of your time. A place where a bunch of fuckboys try to get girls by texting pictures when you can use something called, “IMessage
1: yo! Send me a snap about your new iPhone!
2: why don’t you just “text” it to me?
1: o Noes u is not cool 4 that yo.
2: You and snapchat has ruined the worlds existence.
by Buddha’s Messenger August 13, 2018
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If you honestly don't know what Snapchat is, but you know what the urban dictionary is, you need to get out more
Add me on Snapchat!
by 老龙 March 26, 2017
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Snapchat is a teenager rated social media app that is very overrated. It is related to other social media apps, such as Instagram. On Snapchat, teens can 'snap', or post pictures of themselves and their friends using different filters, which is the basic use for Snapchat. However, a few problems with this is that anyone using Snapchat can find a users location and what times they use Snapchat. Many people can find this very stupid, as on different types of phones, there are different choices between if you can turn these off or not.
Person 1: "Hey, dude! I use Snapchat soooo much! It should be used more."
Person 2: "I know! Snapchat is great, but I hate how you can't turn your location off. It's annoying."
via giphy
by Kihara Pseudonym January 12, 2019
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Some sick social media app allowing you to send pics or videos to people
Add up - kieranquinn
Add up my Snapchat - kieranquinn
by KieranQuinn June 07, 2017
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a place where messy school kids spread drama
mia: girll, kam posted on her snapchat that kealan like jaedyn

kam: gawww no way bruh, was her snap?
by miathelimelight October 19, 2019
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