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Like my recent. Usually regarding Instagram posts.
LMR and I'll give you a high five
by pants for pigs December 23, 2016
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"like my recent"
L = Like
if you see "LMR" on one of your friends Snapchat stories and you see that they are probably telling you to check their recent Instagram photo
JIMBOS SNAPCHAT STORY : "LMR if you haven't already @friendsnamehere"
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by danielisgay4lyfeandhesnotblood October 03, 2017
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Acronym for Last Minute Resistance. This is when a woman puts up some form of resistance right before you successfully lay her because she start having second thoughts about having sex.
I took her panties off and she gave me LMR before I put my dick inside her. But my game is so tight I was able to plow through the shit and hit it!
by Dominican Mandingo June 10, 2005
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An abbreviation that stands for "Last Minute Resistance": a woman's last minute objection to sexual intercourse. This term is used almost exclusively by rapists who don't believe themselves to be rapists (or just don't care).
Charlie: Laura gave me a little LMR, but I just went ahead and fucked her anyway.
Sam: You what?
Charlie: Pounded the shit out of her, dude.
Sam: And that felt and consensual to you?
Charlie: Yeah, of course. I'm not a fucking rapist, man. This girl was totally down. She just froze up for a second and pulled away. LMR happens. Once I started fucking her, she was totally fine.
Sam: Charlie...that's rape. You literally just described rape.
by prldfad March 10, 2017
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Opposed to popular belief LMR stands for β€œLick My Rod” not β€œLike My Recent”.
Guy 1: Hey do you think that chick was hot?
Guy 2: No but I’d totally let her LMR.
by ShiddedandFarddedandPeed September 04, 2018
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