nice, flattering (only used in speaking of articles of clothing)
What snaggy pants!!!
by Lucille April 17, 2004
The wild beast knownith as Eddie. Originated from Rialto. Food particles always stuck between teeth.
"So while I was talking to Chuggies, Snaggies walked up to me and started getting crazy."
by Sir Chinsalot March 26, 2010
Person 1: Do you know Snaggy Mo

Person 2: No who’s “Snaggy Mo”
Person 1: Snaggy Mo is a sexy Black Streamer
by Twitter- twixOTF February 12, 2021
A young skinny man (possibly woman) who has a pointy triangular butt. They enjoy reading and harry potter. They often fantasize about ron weasly but somehow girls like to dance with him. He makes jokes that will make you laugh but also make you want to punch him in the face repeatedly with the force of a thousand suns.
Ah man, you remind me of Snaggy Walker!
by Snaggy's Bro February 16, 2010
A specific person that Fucking sucks at games and rages cause he sucks. His parents let him do what he wants. Also will possibly will be the next school shooter
Stop being a Mr Snaggy Jr A
by SmellWatDeWockIsWookin' March 29, 2018