The act of accessing your deep, inner, and molten sexuality and shooting it through your eyes into an undeniably sexy stare. Smoldering bridges both gender and orientation, so anyone can fall victim to it's arousing and lustful nature. One may be able to command the masses with one glance if mastered.
Sam: No one ever wants to do what I want to do.
Wilson: Have you tried smoldering them?

Wilson: Want to go outside?
Sam: No Wilson, I don't want want to go to outside right now.
Sam: No wait, yes, I do want to go outside.
by GSE 2010 August 10, 2010
Flynn Rider's secret weapon, invented and demonstrated by him in Tangled, it is the channeling of one's charm through one's eyes to melt female hearts. A mandatory weapon in a charmer's arsenal.
by MartianHorse August 3, 2013
A facial expression. Mainly used by fuckboi’s to make girls fall victim to their irristable looks. One eyebrow raised, closed mouthed half-grin, and slightly shut eyes is the typical smolder look. Can be done unintentionally but rare.
“Ugh Dean is doing that smolder thing again, does he even know what that look does to girls!”
by Hotboi6969 July 29, 2018
An intentional facial expression perceived (incorrectly) by the person making it to convey an irresistible lure to their imagined hotness. They believe that by contorting their face into The Smolder, their target will instantly fall victim to their glorious, glorious face. They themselves are unaware of the complete and utter failure that is The Smolder, and live in a persistent state of denial.
"When I rejected Shika's invitation to the dance, she attempted The Smolder in hopes of changing my mind. I wanted to wash my hands."

Another good example is in Disney's Tangled, where Flynn/Eugene attempts The Smolder on Rapunzel in hopes to win her over and escape.
by Gribby March 22, 2011
a woman can 'smolder' with sexiness.. she is so hot but not on fire actually

"When Eva is in front of us, she smolders."
by JulieIUSexy August 21, 2008
used to describe someone who is strikingly attractive because of fiery, bold, and strong characteristics.
In the movie Casino Royale, smoldering Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, walks down the beach in a pair of tight swim trunks.
by JustinAB June 26, 2007
1. Something Edward Cullen's eyes apparently do 24/7.

2. Go-to word in author Stephenie Meyer's small vocabulary.
Edward walked toward Bella, golden eyes a-smolder, and she promptly fainted.
by allstrangewonders July 23, 2010