After the Bland Bond, the Blond Bond. And am happy to report, this one has style. As long as they keep him for a while, and don't have a Blind Bond. Or Blend Bond.
Daniel Craig. Best news for the franchise since Timothy Dalton.
by Fearman August 3, 2007
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The Biggest Douche in the World.

Explanation: Daniel Craig (who is best known as the latest actor to portray James Bond) was offered to star in the upcoming Marvel superhero movie: "Thor" in the title role. This would later give him the chance to play the same part in the upcoming Avengers movie along side great actors such as Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. and possibly even give him a role in the sequel to Ironman. But he turned down this offer, not on the basis that he doesn't think he would be a good fit, or that it conflicted with other commitments; but rather he laughs at the offer as if to say that he is above playing such a part; as if to give a big "fuck you" to everyone involved in making the film and all those who are looking forward to it. And it is because of this decision and his means of execution that has earned him the title of "biggest Douche in the World."
Example 1: "My boss is being a total Daniel Craig to me right now because he's giving everyone a raise except me."

Example 2: "My husband went on a rampage last night! He hit me to the ground then grabbed everything I owned that he could lift and started to throw it out the front door! I mean, he was a raging Daniel Craig!"

Example 3: "I love my Daddy but my Mommy says he's just a no-good Daniel Craig because he wanted her to have an abortion on me and he never comes to visit..."
by Naked Fringe Commentaries February 26, 2009
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The hottest Bond. This guy is such a DILF - so buff and beautiful! All the girls want him, and all the guys wish they could have him too. The greatest Bond, and one of the greatest men to ever walk the Earth.
A: "Did you see Daniel Craig in Casino Royale?"
B: "Oh yeah baby, he was so hot, I had 8 jizzles over that film!"
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verb- to "Daniel-Craig"- to kick/knee/whip or otherwise impact someone's testicles at high velocity.

Named after the ridiculous number of times that Daniel Craig hits people in the nuts, is hit in the nuts, or is otherwise involved in testicular violence in his movies. Most prominently Casino Royale and Cowboys vs. Aliens

When done properly, the attacker will shout "Daniel Craig!" while kicking the victim in the balls
Joe: "DANIEL CRAIG!" *kick*
Aaron: "Ow shit! not funny bro..."
Drunk Vince: "I will protect you!"

Miles: "That night of Daniel Craiging left me emasculated"
by NotVincentPensyl September 6, 2011
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Daniel Craig was born
2 March 1968
Chester, Cheshire, England, UK

e grew up in Liverpool, England and moved to London, England when he was 16. Here, he trained at the National Youth Theatre and graduated from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama (early 1990s). He made his film debut with The Power of One (1992) in 1992 as Sergeant Botha.

James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond.
Daniel Craig as James Bond.

As early as February 2005, Craig had been named in the media as a possible contender to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. On April 6, 2005 Craig was reported to have been signed by EON Productions as part of a three-film contract worth £15 million 1, however, this news was later debunked by the BBC 2 who contacted EON for an official report. According to Craig, MGM offered him the role but the Broccoli family never got in touch with him.

Finally, on October 14, 2005, EON Productions named Daniel Craig as the sixth actor to portray 007, taking over for Pierce Brosnan. Craig signed a three-film contract, with the first, Casino Royale, expected to be released worldwide on November 17, 2006. The announcement was made at noon in London at HMS President, a Royal Naval Reserve station at St. Katharine Docks, on the banks of the River Thames downstream of Tower Bridge.

When announced, because Daniel Craig has blond hair instead of Bond's typical black hair, he was consequently dubbed in the media as "James Blond." Roger Moore also sported a lighter sandy coloured hair throughout many of his films, but he is not considered blond.

Born the year after the release of You Only Live Twice and before the release of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Craig is the first James Bond actor to be born after the start of the film series, and the first to be born after Ian Fleming's death in 1964.

The casting of Craig as Bond has been controversial among some fans of the film series, resulting in one group creating a website,, advocating a boycott of the film unless EON Productions reconsiders its casting, even though production of Casino Royale had already begun. However, the general consensus among fans is a more positive attitude toward Daniel Craig as Bond and in defense of Craig a number of websites to counter have been created, such as and and Additionally, many actors and actresses who have either worked with Craig or have been featured in previous Bond films have argued that Craig is a good choice as Bond. This list includes four of the past Bond actors: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. Miss Moneypenny, Samantha Bond, and the villain Scaramanga, Christopher Lee, have also backed the new Bond as has former Bond villian Sean Bean, who worked with Craig in Sharpe's Eagle. Judi Dench has also voiced her support for Craig in this role, and criticized the negative reaction: "I hate how people have been attacking Daniel Craig. It's despicable and it disgusts me. I have filmed with him in Prague and the Bahamas and he is a fine actor. He brings something new and edgy to the role. His critics will be proved wrong."


James Bond:

The ultimate gentleman spy. Agent 007. The "00" indicates that he has a license to kill (therefore, there are another 8 dudes that can do that). Women want him and men want to be him. Signature drink: Vodka martini, (shaken, not stirred.)
Signature gun: of course, a Walter PPK.
As long as the queen of England rule the empire, he will be at her secret service.
In lingo terms: A bad-white-ass-mofo.
It is known that Sean Connery is the best Bond ever.

Who will save the Buckingham Palace, the jewels of the crown, the Big Ben and the whole world from a evil megalomaniac villain, while he has some unfinished bussiness to attend with some gorgeus women?
Bond... James Bond
by Alex Croft June 1, 2006
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In the scene from Casino Royale where Daniel Craig as James Bond is at a beach in the Bahamas, He rises up from the clear water nonchalantly, displaying his sculpted body, wearing only tight swim trunks and walking like a bad ass.

The Daniel Craig Way is to be able to pull of the same effect with tight trunks as this scene does, with a ripped body and catching the eye of an exotic and voluptuous woman riding a horse along the sandy shore.
"Oh man! I'm really gonna pull off the Daniel Craig Way next summer! This $50 a month gym membership is totally worth it."

Sexy lady #1: "See that guy? I know that he's still got his pants on but look at his torso! It's so...defined."
Sexy Lady #2: "I know! All I can think about is him and the Daniel Craig Way. I'd sure like to ride that horse when he comes walking in from the water."
by AznMT July 18, 2010
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When a guy gets so drunk he thinks he looks like daniel craig, and proceeds to creep the fuck out of attractive females, in an attempt to get his dick wet. Mainly applies to people who look like the opposite of daniel craig, and think they are gods gift to women, but in reality are just an abomination to the image of man.
Brian went to court on attempted rape charges, but got off on a DCS (Daniel Craig Syndrome) technicality
by charles potts September 20, 2011
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