(noun): an odd entity which is known for wearing a red coat, which frequently theorized to be a part of an exoskeleton of sorts along with its backpack. Smoe's native habitat appears to be a chair in a corner, located at an unknown location.
Don't look at me Smoe! Get me a sandwich Smoe! Go to your chair, Smoe.
by 000010111111000111001110 March 2, 2010
Combination of the words "smut" and "hoe", refers to a girl who can't keep her dirty ass legs closed, acting like a smut or a hoe.
John: Look at Lucy. That's the fourth guy she tried to take home tonight.

Rick: Damn, if she wasn't such a smoe I'd get in that.
by Mouse64 January 14, 2012
anything you want, everything you want, whatever you want, and random word that can be used in your everyday vocabulary list to either yell at someone, or to respond to a question... this one word could mean a whole sentence. it's the gift of god.
It is pronounced Sh-moe.
-Shoots someone ** " smoe "

Friend one - did you get the answer to question 1 ?
Friend two- Smoe.
Friend one- you're useless.
Friend two- smoe.
by puddingmonster June 9, 2010
I can't believe that SMOE just got Ricardo to drink straight honey mustard.
by El Macho February 6, 2005
acronym for "Shadiest Man on Earth." Person who resorts to extremely unethical measures in order to gain profits or benefits.

Variants include: Shadiest Mandarin on Earth, Shadiest Mexican on Earth, SHOE: Shadiest Hindu on Earth.

coined by Gabe, ca. 2000
That SMOE just sold me a $50 football ticket for the wrong game!
by dave January 9, 2004
girl 1: you smoe!
girl 2: hellz naw you din't call me a smoe!

girl 3: OMG! he's such a sizzlin' smoe!\
girl 4: HELLLZ YA!
by Dacey June 28, 2003