Can be used in many contexts, anywhere between telling someone to piss off and calling someone annoying.
Person 1: Your a smith
Person 2: Smith off
Person 1: watch your mouth before I Smith you up
Person 2: Shit it's the feds we're smithed
by Smithmanthehar248 February 6, 2021
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An old English Familly name.

The name is a symbol of craftsmanship, skill, beauty and general Badassery. There has never been non badass Smith and they are the sexiest people you will ever meet. They are loyal, strong and they will always protect each other,
"Damn that girl is beautiful, and she is so strong, she must be a smith"
by queen of kings February 7, 2017
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a category of people in relation to having no identifiable heritage or culture.

The origin of Smith people are unknown (hence their generic last names and heritage). They are found in large numbers throughout the southern US but most especially the state of Texas.

often confused with redneck (an uneducated form of a smith)

With a last name like Johnson he is definetly a Smith.
by yoandro August 14, 2007
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All around known as the slang term for normal, every-day, nothing special.
Person 1: How Was last night?
Person 2: Ehhh it was smith
by aaabbbccceee September 27, 2008
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