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An mishap involving urine, usually after a mass amount of alcohol has been consumed.
OMG, Did you hear of Ronnie's pisshap the other night? "He freakin peed on Alan's kitchen table!"
by iwasthere August 15, 2009
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Verb 1. To drink far in excess of all other wedding reception participants, guests, officiants, or attendants at an open bar and to actively disrupt the celebratory event by means cutting in line to the open bar, blocking access to the open bar, being excessively gregarious, loud, insulting, self-depricating, and ending the night by being completely and utterly inebriated to the point of committing an unspeakable act such as vomiting all over one's self and others while in a heavily occupied passenger or commuter vehicle.

Verb 2. To be "that guy," at a wedding.

Present tense: To Smith. Past Tense: Smithed.

See Also: Jackass
That wedding would have been great had that tall dude with spikey hair not Smithed it.
by iwasthere June 13, 2013
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1. The act of putting hot sauce on your penis and inserting it into the rectum of an unwilling sex partner.

2. A space heater.
by iwasthere September 27, 2019
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