Smexy is a person who is smart and sexy!
Wow that is one smexy lady!
by CmpCww December 11, 2016
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When you want to call someone sexy
but you make it sound like a friendly joke by saying smexy instead
Haha bro that's Smexy
Lol you look smexy
by DictionariesArePeopleToo May 26, 2019
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When your at that age were sexy just sounds “inappropriate “ to say so you say smexy insted
Dude he is so smexy 😂
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Defining a person as sexy combined with being smart and sexy
by calvinxbao August 8, 2009
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Is a mixed word between smart and sexy. If someone is both of these things they can be refurred to as Smexy
by Herstory March 3, 2010
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Smexy is a mixture between two words: smart and sexy. This term is usually used within girls when they compliment someone/something.
girl 1: look at this smexy drawing!
girl 2: wow, so smexy!
by nobodytoyou November 22, 2019
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Smexy is a slang term of the word 'Sexy'. Commonly used be teenagers. Usually used in playfull, flirty conversation.
Sarah is looking very smexy today.
by wierd2041 April 26, 2006
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