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Used to describe someone who isn't particulary good looking. Originated from the Lord of The Rings character Sméagol.
person 1 "Do you like her?"
person 2 "na bro she's smeags"
by 93Piti September 14, 2011
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(n.) The lowest of all lows in humanity. A phony of fake. One who should be put in a dark hole and left for eternity.
"Oh no Smeag wants to hang out."
by master0disasterx June 03, 2006
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V: To crave for something. Comes from Tolkien's novels' Smeagle.

N: An addict
I am Smeagin for IN-n-OUT burger.

Never trust a Smeag.
by awesomepawesome12 February 03, 2009
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any kuss word imaginable.
Yo! You piece of smeag!
You're a smeagen smaeager
(fucken) (fucker)
by Tim Bazooka September 20, 2004
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