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A site with slang, being constantly updated to keep up with pop culture. Useful for anyone who's slow on picking up slang for whatever reason, and for explaining it to people who are too autistic to get it by word of mouth or from hearing and reading examples.
Denny: What's custy mean? I always mix it up with disgusting.
Joel: Search it up on Urban Dictionary man.
by internetless October 28, 2015
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A person who wants to be something they're not naturally, or not talented at. The most common cases are the guy who does sports he sucks at to gain approval from the jocks, the girl who acts like a drama queen to be interesting when it's not her, the gamer who isn't good at the game but won't learn nor give in, and anyone who tries to act cool and into trends when they're the exact opposite.
Mody: That guy's a try-hard, he wants to be cool but all he actually cares about getting diplomas and good grades.
by internetless October 31, 2015
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The people with the confidence and quick timing to make comebacks, the coolness to sound interesting, and the general knowledge to talk to anyone normal. Since most people aren't confident, fast, or interesting, they can't become popular. The rare case of someone who knows nothing about general knowledge because they don't like it will have it worse off though, especially if they have the other skills, because they will seem like a try-hard if they act popular. This goes for any age but popularity is 1 in high school when people's social interest is at its most superficial.
Jon: Ryan always has a comeback when I say something stupid.
Ben: He's popular; he talks like that all the time.
by internetless October 31, 2015
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Irritated, usually about something that already happened and is done and buried, not something still happening. Or, it could be something someone planned and finalized that you don't like.
So he didn't paid me back in a week and the guy I owed me got pissed. Now I'm salty too.
by internetless January 30, 2016
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Someone who either can't learn social skills, learned them too late, doesn't care about them, or doesn't want to learn them. The fact you had to look this easy, almost non-slang definition up on a freaking website means you're probably a social retard. Don't worry, it's actually becoming pretty common.
Monica: Yeah, I'd say hi and talk to her, but she freaking looks at me for five solid seconds before thinking what to say.
Daisy: Well, you know she's a social retard, just give her a chance.
by internetless October 28, 2015
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Staying up all night, alone or with pals. May involve partying in groups or smaller things like a box social. Alone, you might just snack, go on your tech, read, or screw around some other way.
Sam: Let's pull an all-nighter.
Bob: No man I'm tired. Lights out.
by internetless October 28, 2015
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Something completely in the past. You can't change anything, so you have to put up with the consequences.
The pizza incident is done and buried.
by internetless January 30, 2016
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