What insecure men who know they will never get a woman to engage in consensual mutual intimacy with them, project.

War, greed, violence, rudeness, bullying, are all a solely male endeavor, because there are many men out there born with tiny cocks, and aside from suicide, there is nothing they can do to fix this. So they try to bring everyone down with them.
Jeff Bezos has 120 billon dollars and makes his employees pee in bottles. It's revenge for being bullied by a girl in high school. Textbook small dick energy.
by RealityForRealists August 2, 2021
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Girl 1: He has such small dick energy
girl 2: must be a cranbury kid
by koolkid7 May 11, 2020
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Small Dick Energy is cockiness without skill and doing stupid things and calling them or yourself"hard" for validation when they are clearly stupid. This includes posting on Instagram when you aren't even a great athlete but enjoy abusing yourself.
David Goggins has extreme small dick energy. He's always posting on Instagram for validation when everything he does is not "hard" but stupid.
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To come for someone you know nothing about and make a rude general statement. A way to say someone is a dick.
James is such a dick, he has small dick energy.
by Chowdersbussy September 12, 2020
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