When refer someone to having Small Dick Energy they are talking garbage in the mic, or griefing in a video game
Small Dick Energized person: hahaha I'm so fucking bad at this game and going to just destroy for everybody else hahaha.
Normal humanbeing: I feel some Small Dick Energy in this server
Small Dick Energized person: NO, I dont have a small penis my mom says 1.4 inches erect is large!
by 51231 March 30, 2021
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When someone’s parents are a big deal but their not. A guy with cocky energy but nothing to show for himself and living in the shadow of his dads giant penis.
Liam’s dad works as a big time movie producer and he uses his dads name to get laid. Unfortunately he’s small dick energy and will shrivel into obscurity with time.
by Gosuckafuck92 October 16, 2021
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When someone has a small dick and tries to compensate with a massive ego
Man Rico is such an asshole, he has small dick energy
by GusTheGhoul3000 October 1, 2019
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When a man goes out of his way to assert his superiority by trash talking anyone sees as a threat. Typically, everyone is seen as a threat to this weak minded, insecure, pathetic person. One can only draw the conclusion that the insecurity comes from having a teeny tiny dick.

Most likely has no idea that everyone around him sees him as a joke, believes nothing he says, and couldn’t care less about his opinion.
Wow, he really needs to tone down that small dick energy before someone hurts his feelings.

Don’t worry, his attitude has nothing to do with you, it’s his small dick energy.
by Mustsucktobeyou November 27, 2020
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