A misguided attempt to protest sexual abuse/ rape against women by encouraging women to dress like sluts.

slutwalk supporters hold signs and wear shirts reading "slut pride" and "i love sluts"

...this has nothing to do with counseling victims of rape, condemning convicted rapists, or encouraging political sensitivity on the topic of rape.
slutwalkerA- Doesn't it seem weird that we're walking around naked demanding respect from men?

slutwalkerB- Don't be silly. Why do you think there are so many guys watching us? They support the cause!

slutwalkerA- Then why do they have cameras and boners?
by bchesandhoes August 11, 2011
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SlutWalk is a grassroots movement against rape culture's victim-blaming and slut-shaming; it has spread internationally. It all started when a Toronto officer advised women to "stop dressing like sluts in order to not be victimized." Since then, enraged activists have taken to the streets to declare that they are fed up with blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator.

It is NOT a walk that requires a certain type of clothing. You can wear whatever you want to this event. The people attending the event do not all agree on the idea of reappropriating the word slut; however, all who are against sexual violence and the culture that perpetuates it are encouraged to participate. It is a powerful march against rape culture and exposes the fact that the word "slut" and a woman's attire are used as weapons to demean a woman's sexual agency and make rape justifiable.

If you understood none of this, you're one of those idiots who thinks SlutWalks is all about prancing around half-nude.
I attended SlutWalk last week not because I want to dress up but because I want to expose rape culture.
by fedupwithstereotypes October 1, 2011
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When a chick does the Walk of Shame after having a one night stand.
'Dude, just saw Sally doing the slutwalks'. Someone got lucky'
by Tiny Tim tinkers September 27, 2013
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When you see a chick out at a club and she's dressed like a slut and you know she's down to fuck.
'Dude, looks like the milfs are doing the slutwalks tonight'

'she's pissed as, and her tits are hanging out everywhere. She'll be doing the slutwalks back to my place, Brah'
by bro from another ho September 27, 2013
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Those who evidence the phenomenon (paralleling cat-callers) of recognition of the acknowledged claim of the SLUTWALK (that attire-alone may signify sexual-intent, but is not an invitation to sexual-touching without linguistic-communication) through a direct-appeal in such a fashion by interested males who desire sexual-touching.
Lewd-Slutwalk-callers: Hey slutwalkers, what will it take to get you to slutf@.....?
by sukadog April 17, 2011
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a slutwalk is mostly a venue or street path mostly founded in red light districts where you see all them bitches and hoe's walking up and down the alley but of course as well all them whores and hookers standing there and asking strangers for sex that is definitely then a slutwalk
charles let's hit the club my friend george

george: charles where you starring at?! that is the venue with all dem bitches and hookers asking for sex you wanna go down there?!

charles: naw man i was quite distracted by them girls but you right before i pay for sex i party with you bro i don't wanna go down the slutwalk today my friend
by wizzlars December 3, 2016
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