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so the day is long and you forgot to buy something from the store/supermarket and out of all bad things you have to stand in line then people let you kindly for but then you get to the wrong person no matter if it is a male or feamale person and then..yeah you got an cash desk fight(argument) about nittygrittys
the people in the supermarket stood long in line suddenly two unknown strangers started an argument about little things...and the conversation found no ending so this got the people behind the two arguers mad and was an great example for an cash desk argument
by wizzlars January 21, 2013
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an advice that leads you even more in trouble
Joey didn't knew any father so he asked a friend to help him out with his "Girlfriend" problem so he reiceved a fakevice from a friend foolishly he got smacked by his own Girlfriend in his face as Joey said the wrong things.
by wizzlars January 12, 2013
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a girl so hot and sexy you want to be with but she decides with whom she is
Lars tried to get the highscore bitch but unfortuantly she was a number to big for him and he burned his fingers
by wizzlars March 03, 2013
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a jerk who ruins a really great moment
the jerk in last minute ruined the marriage and made every present people very sad.
by wizzlars January 13, 2013
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the charm a girl spreads to seduce a boy or just to get him make him hers
she seduced that boy with her girl charm and it worked
by wizzlars March 19, 2013
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getting lollypoped means receiving an blowjob by a beautiful woman so your lolly(dick,cock,shlong etc) getting poped (sucked)
Jerome was invited to a friends party after drinking a few drinks out of an red plastic cup he decide to snatch one of the ladys to get it on with her so they locked theireselves up and Jerry was about getting lollypoped
by wizzlars January 20, 2013
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when you took an picture with your camera or iphone and notice it looks good on the first sight but if you look cloesly enough you see and notice things that shouldn't be on an foto/picture but looks awesome as well.
Tom: hey steven i took a picture of the amusement park i was in at Monday

Steven: hey Tom yeah you seem to have fun on that one but hey who is this man in the mirror?

Tom: Man in the mirror?

Steven: yeah take a look

Tom: oh yeah ahhh now i see it he looks kinda spookey i think i've took an ghostpicture,wait i upload this on twitter and facebook.
by wizzlars January 21, 2013
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