The act of walking slowly and bobbing side to side with your feet pointed outward while shaking a slushie cup in order to make sure it is mixed. Must have earbuds over each ear and you must dap every person you see in the hallway. Do this when coming back to class from lunch.
Guy 1 (Slushie Walking): *Daps 10 homies* Yo what's good Mr. Smith?

Mr. Smith (Psychology Teacher): You're late to class again. Stop slushing and get a move-on.
by kingofthejunk April 23, 2018
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The act of rotating your penis inside a girl once you have ejaculated, enthusiastically, until once again erect, and repeat.

Derives from the act of mixing slush puppies with a straw to mix the flavour.
Slushing is messy!

If you don't shut up, I'm going to slush your mum all night long.
by gunner_do_ur_mum March 24, 2011
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‘Slushing’ is the act of sifting through websites in order to source quality links and information to share on social bookmarking and networking sites
“I’ve been up all night slushing” – “Johnny spent most of his time online slushing content”
by 3ncryptabl3 June 28, 2008
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When a group of people pelt somebody with frozen beverages.
I just saw a group of kids with some Slurpees, I think they are going slushing.
by CElevenUd January 12, 2014
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a new synonym for slowly or not fast
Taehyung: hey can you speak more slush?
Jungkook: slush?
Taehyung: slowly..
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An infinitive verb that describes the action of going to a fast food restaurant and ordering nothing but a slushie concoction. The best is if you can get the slushies at half price.
"Hey! Do you want to slush with us? It's half price drinks at Sonic today."
by riedl12001 May 30, 2007
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Slush (pronounced sl oo sh) = SLO + Kush
Name for marijuana that is smoked in San Luis Obispo, California. Most commonly smoked by Cal Poly students. Very potent weed that will get you really, really high.
Bruce, stop being selfish and let me hit that slush!
by gummybeargabby October 15, 2015
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