a new synonym for slowly or not fast
Taehyung: hey can you speak more slush?
Jungkook: slush?
Taehyung: slowly..
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Slush (pronounced sl oo sh) = SLO + Kush
Name for marijuana that is smoked in San Luis Obispo, California. Most commonly smoked by Cal Poly students. Very potent weed that will get you really, really high.
Bruce, stop being selfish and let me hit that slush!
by gummybeargabby October 15, 2015
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(N) A person who is extremely whorish and who drinks too much alcohol.

(Adj) Slushy
The girl that took her top off in the bar tonight was a major slush.

Sometimes when I go out with my friends I turn into a slush.

I like to get slushy when I go out drinking.
by TylerMW(Tdub) September 11, 2009
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A social bookmarking term.
“I gota go slush some sites.” – “If you must slush, please do so responsibly.”
by 3ncryptabl3 June 28, 2008
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Everytime Jane goes to the bar she turns into a total Slush.
by Deli Jen July 16, 2008
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A sound effect for masturbation used specifically for females. It is synonymous with the word fap, except dedicated for females.
"Girl, are you slushing again?"
by CanIHasYourNumba123 January 10, 2010
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A marriage of "hot" and "cool", relaxed energy, hip, sexy mellow
Man, that Rhianna video was slush.
by Little_Elvis January 29, 2010
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