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A town east of Longmeadow. Smaller & poorer than Longmeadow, but they are often mistaken for the same place. Seen as a rich town with good schooling. A town where you can find genuine people if you pick threw the spoiled white trash. Famous for a seven way intersection that outsiders will never understand and will likely cause an accident. Just like every other small town there is nothing to do there, except for the carnival in the center of town that gets progressively worse each year.
" Wanna go hang out in East Longmeadow?"

", there's nothing to do there."

by hahasorry March 31, 2011
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A small town in the Springfield area of Western Massachusetts. A poorer version of their better neighbor, Longmeadow. Like Longmeadow, there are tons of white people and overpriced houses, but no Jews here and half the houses are average even though they cost like half a million dollars.
"East Longmeadow rocks man!"
"'re kidding, right?"
"No, why would I be? I mean come on, this town is wicked cool!"
by ELHSkid January 06, 2005
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