It is the word used by gibraltarians to describe the people from spain that dress up with 100 chains and carry a knife around.
i can't believe that man, he is such a sloppy

person one- i want spain to win the euro

person two- don't be a sloppy!
by catafiatapoutamadre June 07, 2009
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a dumb hoe that gets drunk 24/7 and does a lot of dumb shit like getting ass fucked by 18 guys.
Alyssa got drunk and sucked off 20 people, she's so fuckin sloppy.
by BROOX October 27, 2003
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Rachel Saperstien. A.K.A. Recky Shlop. Anally fixated. Hangs out with Buddy Butt.
Recky Shlop, that sloppy broad, took it in the ass last night while Buddy Butt watched.
by DRO May 25, 2004
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