A kinder way of asking ur partner for a lil oral loving
man i cant wait till she come around ive been waiting to get the sloppy top all day
by Rev-Love December 20, 2009
Getting your dick sucked and/or Licked with your balls included.
I offered this guy at the club last night a Sloppy Top On the Rocks.
by I_enV_no1 November 29, 2009
A sex move where the man lays on his back and holds the woman up with his shins and holds her arms out like an F-14 Tomcat while she gives him a blowjob
Goose: “You hooked up with the flight instructor?”
Maverick: “She gave me a Sloppy Top Gun”
*high fives*
by GuyNiorPrivateEye September 1, 2022
The top hat you wear while receiving oral sex.
I went over to your girl's house and I was wearing my sloppy top hat.
by ExiledZephy January 2, 2017