A small event that leads to a chain reaction of events with unintended consequences that were unforeseen at the time of the inciting event.
you being late with that package caused there to be the slippery slope effect
by OGmudbone412 December 13, 2016
A slippery slope is a situation in which events or actions readily progress from one to the next.
When the mother found an empty bottle of whiskey in her lazy teenage son's bedroom, she warned him he was on a slippery slope toward a life of indigence and destitution.
by Glacial Spain November 30, 2005
If you let one nigga slide then you gon’ have the next nigga thinking he can do the same thing and so on and so forth.
I let him slide one time now he thinks he can keep doing it again and again, what we have now is called a slippery slope. Now ima have to beat his ass.
by anonymousthot August 21, 2018
n: the unfortunate occurrence of sweat build up between the cheeks of one's anus. This causes an unsettling lack of friction, and often a concern that the victim has shit them self. It is usually caused by heat and excessive walking, and is often paired with a Slippery Slope. Can be cured with toilet paper or, for the more daring, a self-induced wedgie.
Tim: Oh, butternuts, I stubbed my toe.

Darrel: Shit, nigga, we got bigga problems than that. I got a Slippery Slope back here, and we ain't seen a bathroom in miles!

Tim: I'll call an ambulance.
by Whoopsht October 10, 2011
A practice of guy blowing his load on a girl’s forehead and the bridge of her nose. Then proceeding to “skidown it with his ass cheeks.
Carla hates it when she gets a slipper slope from Frank if he does not wipe his ass first.
by Foonip Magoo March 17, 2004
A slippery slope is the perceived danger of a "bad" behavior or situation easily degrading into an even worse behavior or situation, resulting in a downward spiral.

Declaring that something leads to a slippery slope is a common tactic in fearmongering.

Following this definition, a "slippery-slope slippery slope" is a situation in which people accept baseless slippery-slope arguments too readily. This leads to the inevitable acceptance of dangerously ridiculous slippery-slope arguments.
"...but once you give a pass to seemingly reasonable evidence-free slippery-slope arguments, you end up with people arguing that state-subsidised health insurance leads to death panels. It's a slippery-slope slippery slope!"
- M.S.
"No, you can't have that stuff, it's junk"
The Economist
Nov 5th 2010
by Kurishae November 11, 2010
1. Titties that are lubed up for fucking 2. Titties that have been jizzed on 3. Titties
MOCO wants to slide up and down Heidi's slippery slopes!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008