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n: an illegal underground sport in which players must weave an entire basket underwater on one breath. If more than one player should manage to finish, the one who has created the most intricate or cleanest basket is kept alive while other contestants are shot. Most players drown in their first match. Some variations occur in EUBW, such as mines, sharks, and harpoons.
Bill: Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry about your loss. But how did your son die?

Mrs. Johnson: He drowned in an Extreme Underwater Basket Weaving tournament.

Bill: God rest his soul.
by whOOpshT July 12, 2011

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n: a lunge-type walk is practiced, often with sudden leg movements, in order to shake out a wedgie, front wedgie, or a Sticky Situation. Name comes from the type of dance Elvis Presley did on stage.
Jim had a rather annoying wedgie, so he worked at it with an Elvis Walk until it came loose
by Whoopsht October 09, 2011

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n: a situation in which one's testicles are stuck to the side of their thigh, usually on a hot day due to sweat. Goes hand in hand with the Elvis Walk and a Slippery Slope
John: Bro, why are you doing lunges?

Mike: I'm trying to get rid of this Sticky Situation.

John: No shit.
by Whoopsht October 09, 2011

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n: the unfortunate occurrence of sweat build up between the cheeks of one's anus. This causes an unsettling lack of friction, and often a concern that the victim has shit them self. It is usually caused by heat and excessive walking, and is often paired with a Slippery Slope. Can be cured with toilet paper or, for the more daring, a self-induced wedgie.
Tim: Oh, butternuts, I stubbed my toe.

Darrel: Shit, nigga, we got bigga problems than that. I got a Slippery Slope back here, and we ain't seen a bathroom in miles!

Tim: I'll call an ambulance.
by Whoopsht October 09, 2011

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