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A slippery slope is a situation in which events or actions readily progress from one to the next.
When the mother found an empty bottle of whiskey in her lazy teenage son's bedroom, she warned him he was on a slippery slope toward a life of indigence and destitution.
by Glacial Spain November 30, 2005

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From iVillage beauty: "The T-zone is the part of your face consisting of the forehead, nose and the area around your mouth, including the chin. It is so named because it's shaped like the letter 'T'."
Oil tends to build up in the t-zone, so it's particularly important to exfoliate.
by Glacial Spain December 28, 2005

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to pursue something without reservation and to the fullest extent possible
Because it was the perfect opportunity, he pursued it whole hog, working day and night until he achieved his goal.
by Glacial Spain April 07, 2006

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A word used to illustrate a sound, commonly in comic books.
Snik describes the sound that occurs when the claws snap out of Wolverine's knuckles.
by Glacial Spain June 28, 2007

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