A sleeve is New York city slang referring to 10 bundles of heroin sold as a pack for usually between 400-600 dollars, street value of 1000 dollars.
The plug threw me a few sleeves on the arm.
by thirdeyechakra June 15, 2015
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A derogatory term that describes one of base moral characteristics, and reduces them to nothing more than a discardable sexually oriented device i.e. condom
Susan was hot until she started doing dope, now she’s just a sleeve
by Time2B4D April 29, 2018
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Another word for condom, used to prevent unintentional impregnation
Hey man do you use a sleeve when your fucking Daisy?

Fuck no! I'd rather cut off my penis with a toilet seat than fuck using a sleeve!
by Markus The Conquerer July 11, 2008
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An amount of heroin or fentanyl equivalent to one thousand individually wrapped wax bags that are sold in a base ten system of ten bags to a bundle, ten bundles to a stack, and ten stacks to a sleeve. When wrapped together the resulting package is usually equal in length to a man's arm, thus measured by a shirt sleeve to estimate that the package is all there without having to open and count it.
Plug: "I'm on the come-up bruh. Next week I'm copping a sleeve."
by Alice_Dee February 20, 2022
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To eat an entire sleeve of cookies, preferably girl scout cookies.
"That fat guy has crumbs all over his face. He must have been sleeving."
by flavanugz April 1, 2009
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arm covered in tattoos (look at tommy lee)
"i heard jon got some ink"
"yea he's got a full sleeve now"
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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To be covered in tattoos down any appendage. There are "sleeves", which usually refer to arm tattoos that go from shoulder to wrist, "half sleeves" which go from either write to elbow or elbow to shoulder and "leg sleeves", whcih typically cover half or all of a person's leg.
I saw this crazy Giger tattoo that covered a guy's arm. He said he loved being sleeved with Giger.
by Denis Baldwin February 16, 2004
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