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a complete moron for using the word to define their diet. a person who eats only some types of meat, yet still has the nerve to label themselves. they eat fish or birds, but no cows, pigs, whatever. somehow they think that the big animals are animals, and the little ones are plants. they aren't strong enough to eliminate all meats from their diet like real vegetarians.
'yea i eat chicken and fish, but i wanna sound cool so i'll say i'm a 'type' of vegetarian'
by emohammers February 19, 2004
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one of the gnarliest up and coming skateboarders around. watch such videos as citystars: street cinema or emerica: this is skateboarding for confirmation
owen wilson: 'like what? bluntslide? c'mon, spanky bluntslid that in the emerica video...alright'
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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someone who claims to be vegetarian, yet still eats chicken (or fish) because they think that if a cow is an animal, a chicken is a plant. these people are a disgrace to the vegetarian community, and only make everyone stupider. if you eat any animal and use the word 'vegetarian' to describe your diet, you should be hit by a bus.
"i was starting to like betsy. she's cute, likes good music, and sayd she was a vegetarian. but on our date, she ordered a chicken salad, so i slapped her and drove home"
by emohammers December 14, 2003
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one of the best inventions ever. they help ugly people get layd. however, it is not the ugly one who wears them. the ugly must wish that someone is dumb enough to put them on.
'see that fine young broad down there?'
'take off your fucking beergoggles and see if you'll say the same thing tomorra'
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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to mooch off someone. also can be used to describe 'stuff'
'i bought some jellybeans, and jerry was criddling all of them'
'yea he's such a criddler'
'i brought you some criddle from the store'
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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arm covered in tattoos (look at tommy lee)
"i heard jon got some ink"
"yea he's got a full sleeve now"
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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just plain stupid, un-original, or lifeless. barbed wire tattoos, butterflies, and tribal tattoos are lame, they say a lot about the person who gets them.
sarah got a butterfly tattoo on her lower back. that's so lame, i'd rather get a dick on mine, at least i'll be more original.
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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