A somewhat pejorative term for Teach for America. Everyone knows that they will teach for a maximum of two years, continue on to Harvard Law, and pretend that they changed the world.
Yea, I hate those Teach for Next Week kids, what a bunch of elitist snobs.
by schoolio September 30, 2006
Not next week but the week after.
"You actually can come over today because i'm not getting my hair cut till next next week."
by Toomms January 15, 2010
Same as "maybe some other time."

"Maybe some other time" is just a little dated. Young, hip women today say "maybe next week."
Guy: Would you like to join me for coffee some time?
Girl: Uh sure.... maybe next week.
Guy: Oh, I see.
by Saint Malo October 10, 2011
When a girl gets fucked by someone and it turns out 'Surprise' the guy really knows how to fuck!, like for real! Shouldn't they be licensed or registered or something? Like being pounded in Doggie for 4, 6 hours nonstop and during that time you have some dim memories of doing things you thought you didn't do, or that often.

Now that's a real fucking! It's not doing some dude who lies on his back on the bed the whole time, and you're doing all the work.

I'm talking face down ass up you're holding onto the sheets for some traction! And what happens if you make the often fatal decision to show him who is fucking who? He starts pounding ya harder.

Afterwards, you think, hmm you know that's not so bad, I don't have to tell anyone exactly everything, just that I got fucked into next week.
"God, Tom last night fucked me into next week?"

"Oh jesus christ, what time is it? Is it saturday? Sunday? Where am I supposed to be? Damnit I met this guy and we hit if off and I'll be damned he fucked me into next week!"
by ducatigrrl August 30, 2011
This phrase is used to interrupt somone when they are speaking because you just don't feel like listening to them talk.
"Oh man, I had such a terrible night! I went home because I left the minestrone soup on the stove and..."

- "tell me next week!!"
by mgfrjw November 4, 2009
There is no second Tuesday so Basically its something that’s never gonna happen.
Boy:here’s the money you asked for however you have to pay me back ASAP
Girl:no problem how about 2cnd Tuesday next week.
Boy:okay sounds good Tuesday it is.
by Eyeloveu October 14, 2019