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(pronounced like "slay") Literally means Smiling Like An Idiot. A term to be used for those times when you can't help but have a stupid grin on your face. Usually used in the positive sense. Used very much like the term "lol"
Person 1: Hey, I hear you're going to the movies with Chris tonight.
Person 2: Yeah (with that idiotic grin)
Person 1: You are so slai.

If you were in class, and it was a very inappropriate time to laugh, you might be slai.
by Tesla15 September 22, 2012
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"smirking like an idiot"
you might laugh to yourself, but there's gotta be those people (and times) who do their best to hold in their laugh (to avoid being thought of as insane by their neighbors), and end up with an idiotic expression of joy on their faces.
sn1: i think that movie will be super cute
sn2: ... see, i would say that, but that's gonna take away my manliness...
sn2: oh screw it. yeah, i wanna see it b/c it looks cute and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
sn1: ...slai!
by palindromium July 10, 2008
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