Slavin means to over use the term ew. Genuinally the topic that a person would be slavin over would not even be the slightest bit disgusting.
Person 1: *sees person 2 touch person 3s arm* ewww!!!!1!!
Person 2 to Person 3: Dont worry, shes just slavin.
by Rianon February 16, 2018
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(n): A giant individual with huge feet and an enormous thirst for energy drinks and Redbull Vodkas. Slavins are typically always down to be nazty to their mothaz and smoke assloads of hoopah.

Synonyms: Salvadore Slavinsky, Slobiadore Sladrinksky, Dexter, Slavaa Slaaave
Damn that Slavin is so nazty to his motha!
by nunyabizniss2 March 24, 2011
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A little fuck head with big muscles. He will violently attack you if provoked. He listens to Travis Scott and buys the sexiest drip. Will consume any drug at any time. *DO NOT APPROACH* he is prone to moaning in your ear
Hoe 1: Brandon Slavin killed my dog!
Hoe 2: I wonder if he is Jewish
by Factsbyzach January 31, 2022
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While being sweaty and smelly, it is the sensation of your body cooking in it's own bodily soil.
Person 1:Damn, Mike is totally rank, I don't think he's taking a shower in a week.
Person 2: Yeah, I think he's been slavin for a while.
Person 1: His penis smells like a butthole.
by k1llahurtz February 25, 2009
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A situation that occurs when a person discharges saliva from the mouth (usualy while having dry-mouth) and it dangles in a vine like manner.
guy 1: "Dude, i've just spat and made a slavine."
guy 2: "Aawww, gross. Get rid of it, man."
guy 1: "I'm trying to but it keeps on going."
by worthatron February 25, 2011
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AWESOME PERSON! Very fun to be around and loves to live life to the fullest! Has courage, funny, awesome pretty eyes and loves to be a smart way
anyone named mishel slavin
by Sunshine666 November 29, 2011
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