n. 1) Basically any person who you can get to do something for you.

n. 2) Or a person who is doing something for somebody else, even if they asked politely. They are still a SLAVE.

v. 3) Slaving, You may slave some one by "punking them out" or making them look inferior in any way thus making you the "MASTER"

n. 4) females are known as "slavettes"

*WARNING* *White people should never say this to black people* unless an ass whooping is wanted
1. You can see thet somebody asked some one to pass them a bag of chips or something, then you can yell "SLAVE" at them to humiliate the person doing the favor.

2. You can even ask nicely and them say thank you... SLAVE.
by Jiggaboo Jr. June 24, 2007
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the slave; any type of organized labor that pays a wage; a job that only pays the bills, no fun included.
by theriot November 21, 2007
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1. black man is a servant

2. someone's bitch

3. girl who does what you want (sex-slave)
1. We should have slavery today in America.

2. That slave is mine.

3. That slut over there is my slave.
by NCOS October 18, 2008
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A nanny forced to see to every whim of children that do not belong to her for very meagre pay
"George don't do that" said the Nanny.
"Get me my milk!"
"Push me on the swing!"
"Pick those toys I just threw on the ground up!"
"Make me breakfast!"
"Make me lunch!"
"Make me dinner!"
"Get me icecream!"
"No" said the nanny
by Bells8 September 20, 2009
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someone who is at a party and he or she forgets about everything else, they are just about the party, the rest of their life doesn't exist.
person 1: dude, did you see jenny at the party yesterday?
person 2: yeah, shes such a slave

person 1: did you and your girlfriend go to amber's party?
person 2: yeah dude, we were slaves.
by destrokk October 30, 2011
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