Israelites who are tyrannized, brought, sold, & reduced to servile status by conquest. The chattel/capital property of another Race of people, forced through deception and direct violence to obey them. Israelites that are completely subservient to a dominating Race. Colonized bondservant or bondservant transported abroad, Male and Female excessively victimized, dependent and controlled by a more subtil Race. A Israelite who is owned forever and whose children and children's children are automatically subjugated and oppressed .P.O.W. (prisoner of war), Inmate
Deuteronomy 28:15-68
Who do you think of when you think slave in America?
by Onias Ben israel July 25, 2019
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A braindead preson playing Flee the Facility and follewing me aruond who also can't open doors or hack either, who is so brian dead they can't even kill someone.
Me: OMG my slave just went past me when I was opening da door! (it's really loud)

also me: He can't even open doors
by Wemakeunewordsalldatime June 05, 2018
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(Sergeant Lave) way to call someone a slave whiteout them realizing.
Me: grab me that pencil off the floor
Friend: *gives it to me*
Me: thanks S. Lave (Pronounce it as Sergeant Lave)
by LlamaPajama February 12, 2019
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