1. (adj.) done hastily; haphazard; careless
2. (adv.) in a hasty or careless manner
3. (verb) to slap someone (preferably in the face) and then dash, i.e. run away*

*This must be preceded by the slapped person being tricked into reading the word (slapdash), not necessarily aloud.
I just got slapdashed, now I must have my revenge.
by Clovis Fields May 2, 2010
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1. Revising for your exams a week after you have completed them.

2. Throwing a bin carelessly out of the window to hurriedly get rid of rubbish
1, Parent: Haris, when are you going to revise?

Haris: Next week

Parennt: but that is after the exams!

Haris: Slapdash

2. Dr. Blache: Were is the bin?

Haris: Slapdash
by zrix July 7, 2011
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Personified expression of all which is 'Du Frai Sur Le Plip'. A gentlemen of prepipinary wit, which recalls Gunterflupp's 'Tweaty Swap'. It sits atop a moist duvet of lyrical Brie. 9/10
I'm listening to Slapdash's new tune, and it's fucking slapdash!
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An Autobot Powermaster Transformer best known for being "binary bonded" to a Nebulan partner named Lube. Like all Powermaster Nebulan partners, Lube had the ability to put his legs all the way behind his head. (Other amusing Transformer names include Thrust, Rodimus and Skids).
While Slapdash and Lube were hanging round waiting for Decepticons to show up, Lube would keep Slapdash's exhaust pipe greased.
by Rodimus Thrust August 10, 2008
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A jury-rigged repair. Anything held together with duct-tape, bubble-gum or baling wire. A machine put together by a hack , with a hacksaw and a trowel.
Me: That's a slapdash repair.
Used Car Salesman: What's dat?
Me: The windshield is held in by duct tape instead of a rubber seal.
by AviationMetalSmith January 20, 2007
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The act of giving someone a handjob then quickly running away-robbie ransom
Bro my GF just gave me a slapdash last night. I couldnt find her afterward
by like50somalians November 16, 2010
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To strike with a fish while running by; a drive-by performed with a fish.
My God, did you see that slapdash a second ago?
by Lord Timothy June 10, 2007
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