To fight in a maner that you don't injure the opponite. Such as when you box with no gloves but instead of making fist you have a open hand. This way you can have the same thrill and satifaction of fighting but no injury. This is often done with friends and with no anger but can turn into a real fight if someone gets poked in the eye.

Another word is: Tap
Rakim:Yo you think u could be me in a real fight
Daris: what ok lets slap box then
by skateboard russ December 21, 2006
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When someone whats to fight without punching or kicking for 15 sec
So you want to slapbox in the restroom, we can catch yo 15 seconds- brayden knau
by Mmsbrayden April 01, 2019
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Played normally by kids age 12-18, a slap box is the rectangular hemming on the very top of the back of one's shirt, where the tag is tied on on the other side. If you have one, someone will shout "slapbox!" at you, and hit your back where the box is.
Dude I'm still sore from when Chad slap boxed me.
by farmersonly February 12, 2017
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