4 definitions by Escobar

drop a bar is to give a rap bar (line) from your supposed "best" rapper.

Of course a bar has to have entendres, metaphors.
Bardigang: This is a great song. Cardi can rap circles around Nicki Minaj.

Barbz: Drop a bar

Bardigang: ...

Barbz: it's quiet. ain't no back talk
by Escobar March 10, 2021
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The Italian Mafia,The Scilian Mafia,Camora,Russian Mafia,Cali Cartel,Medellin Cartel.
The Italian Mafia are real gansters.Don't listen to those Hip Hop 50 cent pussies who think they are.
by Escobar October 03, 2003
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Short for one of NBA's great Centers out of Georgetown Alonzo Mourning
'Zo was one of the greatest at his position
by Escobar April 27, 2004
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