Doing a sky dive is where you go into a bathroom stall in a public restroom and you climb to the top of the stall with your pants down and you then take a shit and try to hit the toilet.
Dude, I just tore that place up by Sky dive in the toilet.
by SnazzyTravis April 7, 2010
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getting high by hitting a homemade parachute; the highest you will possibly get

Originated in the 301: DC metropolitian area, adapted in St. Augustine, FL.
yo, u tryna sky dive?

No wonder yo ass is baked as shit son, you've been sky diving.
by KingMePLZ September 19, 2009
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Did you hear about Pat? Yeah, he smoked for two hours and then went sky diving on some unconscious whore he found in the street.
by Paul Daniel December 7, 2006
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the sexual position, where a female while in the air..extends her arms to the side to jerk off two men have her lags spread out getting fucked from behind..and blowing a guy. resembling a person falling from the sky
Billy- "Me,Brad juan, and greg hung out with jeffs sister lastnight but couldnt come up with anything to do"

Alex- " you faggots should have given her a sky dive willy"
by shizzbomb January 3, 2011
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An expression which describes when an person poos (slang for excretion) from great height. It must then hits an unsuspecting pedestrian which at minimum hospitalises them. However for maximum points, the impact must kill them. Giving pink eye adds bonus points.
Dude! The other day me and Derek chocolate sky-dived this disabled kid from the top of my apartment! He almost died and got pinkeye, that's so many points!
by the chocolate sky-diver December 26, 2011
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When a cruel owner of a donkey buys an airplane duct taped the donkey to the bottom of it, fly's the plane over a open field. the owner jumps out of the airplane and surprisingly grabs the donkey. the owner rips the donkeys hide off and makes it into a parachute all in mid air! very hard, but possible. safely the donkey lands on the ground but has to go through a series of mental therapy before attempting again.
-Dude i met a sky diving donkey yesterday and he was awesome!

-Wow! thats so sky diving donkey!
by tune68 January 9, 2011
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the act of jumping off an elavated location and penetrating a females anus.
i got quaded by some sky divers last night, at the doctors now with the doctor........he dives from 40000ft up feeelllllllsssssss so goood. rips just a bit but some neosporin from time to time heals my cunt right up.

Alaskan sky-diving
by neosporin fucker March 4, 2012
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