Like Asshole, Bastard, Bitch, badly, Bigtimest
OMG~that bitch is Truly a Muthafucker to the max!!
by Starchylde December 30, 2015
When you see something so damn huge, it's all you can think to say
Guy 1: Man, why can't we ever kill the tank

Guy 2: DUDE, he's one big muthafuck
by Mr.Neverdie April 30, 2016
a combination of dumb ass and mutha fucker...
a noun- a person, place or thing
You Dumb ass mutharfucker
Sally is a dumb ass muthafucker
Where is that dumb ass muthafucker
by Dumb Ass Mutha Fucker September 20, 2004
Sally is a cunt-faced muthafucker.
Lets fuck up that cunt-faced muthafucker.
HAHA! Look at Sally and her cunt-faced muthafucker boyfriend!
by You_Mom April 4, 2005
Another word for asshole , jerk, dick , cocksucker.
John :I got us floor seats to the Lakers tonight .
Jack: Great thanks dude . Btw Penfold isn’t coming.
John: WTF , I had to beg for those tickets ! Dat muthafucker!!!!!!
by Meesofat March 9, 2019
I don't give a Lillimuthafuck about you
I don't give a Lillie muthafuck about you
by March 1, 2022