(n)A crazy person. A form of sex. (prop. n) The Man. (v) To flip out, lose one's mind. Act in such an insane manner that it would scare people. Often accompanied by yelling, swearing, punching, and throwing things. Intensified by consuming large quantities of alcohol. To get some form of sex. Skullcap
That guy is a complete skull! Dude, that's Skull! I'm fukkin' skulling over here! Gimme some skull beeyotch!
by Elvis-TCB December 16, 2005
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Coricidin Cold and cough, contains Dextromethorphan hydrobromide. Over the counter drug that people trip on. Same drug as "robotrip"
by PureEvil May 11, 2002
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An incentive to date the same bird again.
Bessy: Thanks Pete, I had a great time tonight, will you call me again some time.
Pete: I can't make any promises I can't keep Bessy.
( Bessy gives Pete amazing skull for half an hour )
Pete: Call you next week Bessy
by Rockit June 27, 2007
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Bolt Chat alliance dedicated to transforming Bolt Chat back into the way it once was by terrorizing Bolt's people and taking over rooms.
"Ban him! He's a Skull!"
by Jesse_James July 04, 2003
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Oral sex given by either gender.
His tongue makes her clit so hard when he is giving skull.

She gives some mean skull.
by Crazy4Skull September 08, 2003
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A point you reach after consuming too many shots of hard liquor/too many beers. You become anti-social and unable to communicate with friends. You stand alone by yourself, usually with a blank stare.
Man, have you seen Chris, hes drank so much, i think hes in the skull.
by theJFK January 09, 2009
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1.wanna-be posse that hangs on bolt terrorizing people for a good cause, to make bolt less of a royal shit hole that makes everyones mind turn to mush, and makes even the smartest of people turn stupid.

2. so called hackers that wander around bolt chat looking for some room with a bunch of n00bs to take it over

3. a group of people who have nothing better to do than terrorize 12 year olds on a lame ass chat
"Oh no, there's the Skulls!" *hits kick command then ban, and waits there for them to come back with a different mask*
by Dark Holy October 21, 2003
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