To be in a state of deep relaxation or contentment, similar to djungelskog bear, a soft plush manufactured by IKEA.
How's it going, bob?
Aw nothing just skogging.
by V0ided January 7, 2022
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Wow, my Skog really itches, I think that bitch gave me the crabs!!!
by Supermiles March 2, 2008
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A child born of a Skippy (Aussie) parent and a Wog (Italian) parent. Half Skip, half wog = skog
Those sisters have a great tan. Yeah mate, they're skogs
by SB73 May 8, 2013
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A coach who's team is at the beggining of a very long streak of losing the county championship
The suffern coach is a skog
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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Term desribing an aussie bloke "skip" who has inner enthic "wog" trates.
Warren Johnson is playin bloody soccer! What a friggen skog.
by sime productions May 23, 2006
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When you are so paranoid (Parra) that it becomes close to psychotic
last night i smoked a joint and bumped into my ex girlfriend
it really skogged me out
by orde July 11, 2011
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In 1975, Chris Yandall, World Slalom Skateboard champ wrote an article that was published in Skateboarder Magazine "Cut the Jive and Jog"(1975). In 2004, while riding his skateboard after a major celebration session at Mission Beach LaHaina's down the boardwalk, the word "skogging" popped in his head.

Skateboarding and jogging. "SKOGGING" which led to the website to commemorate this new action sport niche.
"Yo. Dude! Let's go skogging!"


"Use your noggin, let's go skogging.
by Chris Yandall October 10, 2004
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