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Dieting with many talkative overweight people prompted the play on the words, "overweight yacky hypocrite". A person who often talks a "good weight loss" but cannot follow through.
She kept talking about how 120 lbs was going to be easy yet after 3 year, she's gained weight. What a hippocritter!?!
by Chris Yandall November 16, 2004
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the act of making something classicly cheaper without lessening the value.
"the asians have a flair to cheapify american technology"

When comparing SLR's to digital cameras.

"my 10+ year old 28-105 f/3.5-5.6 is quite a decent lens. its not the new -II version, that got cheapified"
by Chris Yandall January 31, 2006
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The active verb for skogging. (see urban dictionary for skogging).

skogging is a skateboarding technique requiring both legs to pedal one's skateboard. the word is a mixture of skateboarding and jogging, thus..skogging!
I bunch of us down at Mission Beach will be skogging this afternoon. Will anyone else want to skog?

by Chris Yandall January 31, 2006
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This occurs only while skogging but usually not while switch pushing. Skogging is not a straight line pushing movement while it does promote switch foot carving. It's occurs while switching push foot, one foot ends up getting run into by the front of the skateboard and that leads to a "phatto" which is a wipeout caused by errant foot placement.
Oh man, while skogging through the crowds dodging people like a slalom course, i had a nasty phatto and ended up with strawberries on both knees !
by Chris Yandall February 16, 2012
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In 1975, Chris Yandall, World Slalom Skateboard champ wrote an article that was published in Skateboarder Magazine "Cut the Jive and Jog"(1975). In 2004, while riding his skateboard after a major celebration session at Mission Beach LaHaina's down the boardwalk, the word "skogging" popped in his head.

Skateboarding and jogging. "SKOGGING" which led to the website www.skogging.com to commemorate this new action sport niche.
"Yo. Dude! Let's go skogging!"


"Use your noggin, let's go skogging.
by Chris Yandall October 10, 2004
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Michelob + Ultra = Multra

Background: Many pubs and massive amounts of the product.

Honey, would you go get me a 6 pack of Multra.
by Chris Yandall December 23, 2004
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