Australian word that describes something that, by nature, is sick or awesome
Did you catch the newest Big Lez episode? It was fahkin skits mate
by Goalieking02 November 13, 2021
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To doing something a bit crazy to behave in a weird mood
"Bro did you see that skits party in Saturday night fuckkk"
by Fkn cob mate November 10, 2015
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To do something crazy, sick or mental
That backie was fucken skits ay
by Jacko_the_skits February 18, 2020
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to cum or to want to be cummed on by either sex
before he even got in he came on her
by MCC March 18, 2005
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bay area slang for something that go crazy or robbing a store or person.
yo that sideshow last night went skits cuddy lets hit the show next friday.
by RealMorphineAddict October 11, 2020
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Cobh term (Cork, Ireland) Verb:To laugh uncontrollably or to find something funny.
Can also be used on its own as a reply if someone has just told you a funny story.
He walked into the door the other day, I was skitting!

Liz: You never guess what happened me the other day, I fell over in front of all the girls, so embarrassing!
Emma: Skitting!
by Liz & Emma August 10, 2008
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Derived from the word sketch, (a short, often comedic segment of a show either televised or performed live).

Originally a misuse of the word sketch, Chappelle's Show further popularized the word into the mainstream when Dave and Neil, hating the mistaken usage of the word, began including it during taping.
"'I'm Rick James bitch' is a popular Chappelle show skit."

"Comedians make a living writing various skits."

"This SNL skit sucks!"
by Ben Franklin December 25, 2005
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