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Derived from the word sketch, (a short, often comedic segment of a show either televised or performed live).

Originally a misuse of the word sketch, Chappelle's Show further popularized the word into the mainstream when Dave and Neil, hating the mistaken usage of the word, began including it during taping.
"'I'm Rick James bitch' is a popular Chappelle show skit."

"Comedians make a living writing various skits."

"This SNL skit sucks!"
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005

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Although the idea of an Urban Redneck would at first seem an oxymoron, they do exist and are actually quite common. There are basically three different kinds of Urban Rednecks.

1) The Transplanted Redneck is found in urban centers all over the world. His job or his dreams have forced him to leave his native community in search of new opportunities. The Transplanted Redneck remains true to himself and his culture, despite immersion in the urban landscape. A transplanted redneck, or pair of rednecks, may raise a family in the city and retain their redneck characteristics for several generations.

2) The Poser is found all over North America, but is especially concentrated in cities in the Southern United States, Nevada and Utah. These individuals may have no Redneck roots, or even be a transplanted Yankee, but either seek acceptance in their new homes, or have vastly distorted perceptions of the social norms in their adopted communities. The Urban Cowboy phenomenon that started in the 1980s is characterized by individuals in full country & western garb, that have never even been near a horse.

3) The Postmodern Redneck is also found all over North America. The Postmodern Redneck may, or may not, have Redneck roots. As opposed to "The Poser", the Postmodern Redneck has experienced a philosophical transformation in which he rejects modernism and urbanity, in favor of simpler more genuine way of life. The Postmodern Redneck is often an educated professional who owns guns, hunts wild game, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty changing oil or cleaning a stable.
"Billy Bob got a job in Chicago but he's having trouble adjusting to life as an urban red neck."

"The kids at school think it's cool to wear big belt buckles, cowboy hats and drive big trucks. But their just urban red necks with a trust fund."

"Ted Nugent is an urban red neck and damn proud of it!"
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005

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The act of taking a difficult dump often accompanied by pleading to God for the turd to drop.
I can't answer the phone right now, I'm drawing a monster!
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005

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An affectionate reference to the genitals

A jovial reference to the genitals, either masculine or feminine.
"Open the fly to your sunshine."
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005

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